Is it possible!?!

So im a little worried.. im trying to be good play it safe as im waiting biospy result to come back. Im on the pill micro lite. But i feel i ovulated this month huge increase in discharge.. taught might be pregnant but not. Now me and my partner are not use to empty house so we took advantage(stupid) whats the chance i ovulated and dates with hearts is  when we dtd?? Circled is meant to be ovulation... but i have irregular periods as normal7/10 days last was only three after a smear.



  • Today i woke up with the worst headache.. light cramps and a stitch in my side.. I normal suffer really bad cramps and a slight head ache closer to period due date.. Im due my periods monday 22nd as my pill ends on sunday app recalculated to periods logged dates. Im parnoid asual. Just on my other pregancies i knew within a few days and test was just a confirmation. And if i am il be giving my marching orders as we (4) live in a bedroom in parents house.

  • Pic inculded

    ...Dont know is an one following but just in bathroom and have a small brown/red stringy discharge.. is it too early!??  


  • Freaking out... ahhh second one of these but first was slight red too is it too early for implantion bleeding never had this on others





  • So if anyone following.. i think af has come on.. is more red and slightly heavier but no where near my normal flow. Might take trip to doctor to see what is happening me..

    Suffering from really bad head aches.. bit of dizzness.. nausea to the point i run to bathroom.. acne(visible spots) on forehead and top of back which never got even as a teenager.. thirsty.. stuffy nose..! 

    Hate been a woman at times x

  • so today is day 5 of the lightest period i have ever had.. would say i dont even need to change a pad there so light. Still have headaches and sore boobs and  gagging cause of nausea. Well tomorrow (mon) to wednesday i meant to be due this period. I feel its going to be gone but should have heavy flow.. as i normal have to wear two nickers and 2 pads :/.. 

    I no ive af but still cant stop wondering whats going on.. x

  • So i know ive no replys and people probably thing im made. But i like ive a place to write down what im thinking instead of venting to my partner and family.. enough happening here. 

    Well all last night i had pinching in my ovaries and a sitch right under ribs by upper tummy.

    Today ive a golden brown kinda like beige discharge and i had nothing yesterday real af due date according to app is tomorrow xx

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    Should I go doctor?

    Should I test?

    Is it just a werid period?

    Anyone ever experience waht i am going threw good or bad!?!?!


  • Take a test and take it from there. Our bodies play silly tricks on us, and sometimes don't always go to the plan. I wouldn't take much notice of these apps, a piece of technology telling me when mw period is due? Erm, no thanks, think I'll listen to my body. Good luck, let us know the outcome. X 

  • Oh thanks for the reply.. :).. i might test when the discharge stops but id say im overthinking im know for that 😂😂 will let all readers no once i do x 

  • just read all your post! can you update.. did you find out if you was pg or not?! looks like implantation bleeding but everyone is diff, and if you're on the pill then you're 99% covered, but always that 1%! x

  • Hiya.. my af i think came today its very light but there. Ive no cramps and a trobbing tooth ache ha ha.. but i think for peace of mind il test if af goes away. But id say im not pregnant as implantion is not red and doesnt last this long. I am on pill but i missed two and 100% i defiantly ovulated tracking discharge.. disappointing but know its not thr right time. 

  • Pic included....... 

    I know there is something up with my cycle.. as last month is was only 3 days but after a smear with biospy and now this month have the weirdest period of my life... 

    My period is sooo light pic zoomed in and still light brown coming out too.. once its stopped il be going to my doctor as im just uncomfortable with the way it is.


  • I would go see your doctor asap! especially if it's not it like your normal af!! i'm due on 29/10. but no signs of af, I usually get pains, cramps etc but nothing & boobs are so sore!!!

  • Ive always had problems. Just waiting on results if i here nothing il go into him by the end of week.

    Oh my fingers are crossed for you and il keeo u in my prayers tonight.. hope u receive a bfp :) try hold off on tests till af is missed always better off xx

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    So doctor appointment on wednesday to find out whats goung on.. today im very nausea and ovaries are cramping and alot of watery discharge tismorning possible ovulation but feels like af coming again :/ 

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