Early Scan (NHS) and feeling very worried

Hello, im looking for some advice as im working myself into such a state.

I found out i was pregnant on the 9th October, faint positives (4 days after my period), i had tested previously but all negative.

My last period was 7th September

The last time i could have possibly become pregnant is around the 23rd Sep. I know i ovulated slightly later as my clearblue test showed signs of ovulation in next 2 days a day later than normal.

I was reffered to EPU on suspected ectopic, i went yesterday for a scan and i would have been 6 weeks 2 days if i went from my last period.

they couldnt see anything on the abdominal scan, but she was saying my bladder is too full. she tried twice after emptying and said i suspect your earlier than you thought, i agreed with her as i said about the ovulation and late positives, thinking probably a few days.

i had an internal scan and she said, your sufficiently earlier than 6 days, i asked how much and she said she couldnt tell as there chart doesnt start until 6 weeks for measurements. she showed me and there was a gestational sac and yolk in the right place, relieved! but she said there was no baby showing yet. I have been asked to go back in 2 weeks for another scan as they do not discharge you until they can give you a definate answer, i asked if there was anything to worry about and she said no its just too early to say anything. on my notes it stated that the sac only measured 3.88-4mm. now i have looked online, im completely confused, if you can see my yolk you would think i am about 5 weeks but the gestational sac is far too small. I know really i have to wait it out but wondered if anyone else had this experience or could advise on dates with info above? i have looked online and there does seem to be alot of this but its the measurements that are throwing me. thanks x


  • that should say *had an internal scan and she said, your sufficiently earlier than 6 weeks

  • It's hard to say really. Maybe you did ovulate later and implanted later?

    I can only tell you from my own experience that at 4+6 days I had only empty sac visible, it was about 6mm and then 6+3 I heard heartbeat. Your sac does seem smaller but it doesn't have to mean anything.

  • Thanks Mag1988

    Maybe im focusing too much on the size as they seemed to think it was ok, or maybe they were just trying not ot worry me unnessecarily until they know more. x

  • Hello! This sounds completely normal to be honest. Happened to me. Always when I go for early scans the baby is smaller than the dates but by the time I get to 12 weeks it’s caught up. The problem is that at the early stage the baby is so tiny, literally millimeters, that when trying to measure if ever so slightly off it changes the size by days/weeks. If you think your 6 weeks then seeing a sac in the right place with a yolk sounds just right for around 5 weeks so your probably only 4/5 days earlier which sounds right anyway since you thought you ovulated late. Relax, bet you’ll see a beautiful little heart flickering next time when you go back. Don’t be worried if your still measuring ‘small’ it’s all so subjective at this stage. Congratulation!

  • Thanks Jadeelx

    Im the biggest worrier going and just want everything to be ok and i know its out of my control but cant help analyzing absolutley everything x

  • Having a smaller sac doesn’t really mean much at this stage too, this was also my case. Everyone is different and pregnancies aren’t all the same size. Pls try to relax! My sac was barely bigger than the yolk at 5 weeks but my son managed to grow out of it :)

  • imageWas supposed to be 6 weeks but I had this. Was 5 weeks no fetal pole, when back a week later and saw HB

  • thank you jadeelx

    This has made me feel so much better! i keep telling myself that i was sure that it was ectopic and i was wrong so i need to stop thinking the worst. I hate worrying but it feels like for ever at the moment to hear what i want to hear x

  • Just to update my original concern as i have found alot of people ask and dont update with what actually happened. I started to have severe period pains this morning with spots of blood that quickly turned to heavy red bleeding. Ive been to hospital but tbh i dont find my local hospital unhelpful. They wont scan me until my original appointnent on monday 5th as they say scanning me today could get my hopes up but they wont bring it forward either. I know i have miscarried,this amount of blood and pain is not normal. I am obviously heart broken but i have known since i found out i was pregnant something wasnt right and it was all too good to be true. I hope anyone that searches for these chats has a more positive outcome  x

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