did anyone get toothache before your bfp????
I never get toothache but had it last night and today and my mum sais she got it when she was pregnant with me!!!



  • i am not sure if there is any connection but... i never have toothache and since i was 6 wks pregnant i have had bloody awful recurrant toothache thing is nothing you can take or do when pregnant, maybe its a coincedence but i'm not to sure x

  • I can't answer the query of toothache being a sign of pregnancy, but if you are pregnant and you need treatment you can have it, so please don't just suffer. You can have non-amalgam fillings, or temporary fillings - the potential danget to the baby just comes from the mercury in amalgam fillings xx
  • my dentist wont touch me till i have the baby! most of the time all i can take is paracetomol and sometimes its really quite bad.. i need it pulling i think not filling must be why??
  • chloe apparently you can take cloves to help ease the pain!!! Also my mum said its can be because the baby is taking your calcium so prehaps you may need extra calcium????
    Thanks for your reply I am hoping its a good sign for me!!!
  • yea good luck rache when are you due to test ??
  • I am gonna test tomorrow when I will be 11dpo so hope I will get my much wanted bfp!!! xxx
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