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Hi there. I am sure that I am being paranoid but I would love some advice. I am 23 weeks and today I have got some wetness in my knickers (sorry if tmi) not sticky like normal cm. I am fairly sure that this has happened before but I have been poorly and am suddenly paranoid that is my waters. Has anyone else had this? Everything else is fine, baby is moving around loads and there is no pain as such. Do you think that it is all ok?


  • hi mrsrc

    i am 22 weeks and had a similar experience to you. At about 18 weeks i suddenly felt a "trickle" it panicked me so i rang the midwife and she told me to go to the EPU. When i got there they had a look, got me to cough to see if there was anything trickling out. She concluded that the cervix was closed and no liquid was coming out and that it was just a heavy discharge.

    Certainly panicked me! I wasnt totally convinced and after too much googling i worried myself even more so ended up buying a product called Ammniosense. They are like sanitary towels that detect if a "Leakage" is a leak of ammniotic fluid or just urine/discharge. They werent cheap (??10 for 2 pads) but they really set my mind at rest.

    Really wouldnt worry but if your concerned still perhaps ring your midwife?
    Hope this helps a bit

    Katy xxx
  • hi i have had same as you im 21 weeks today, and also with some reading etc straight away thought it was waters, has been happening for couple weeks, had scan on weds which showed all fluid etc norm (this was my 20week scan) also asked midwife before this and she sed that unless i was soaking pads or pantyliners then it sounds norm, iv asked few others and they seem to get this, so guess its the norm, but i defo know how u feel. i wear pantyliners now stops me panicing so much and noticing it as much. Where can you get thos pads from? guess theyr a good way to set mind at rest? XXX
  • Thanks girls. That puts my mind at rest. Have just been to my pregnancy yoga class with fresh pants on and they are still dry (sorry tmi), so I guess that it should be ok. It really got me worried though. Have my 23w scan on Thursday so that should help put my mind at rest and I might start wearing liners .
  • lilly_kick - i just got the pads on line, i typed the name in google. Not sure which site i used now but delivery was free (it should be at that price!) and they delivered next day. I was and still am shocked at the amount of discharge ive had, its not enough to soak pads or anything but i still worried!

    Mrsrc - I was worried (even after the midwife checking me over and using the pads - never seem to stop worrying) before my 20 week scan and specificly asked at the 20 wk scan if my fluid levels were okay and midwife said they were fine. So once you`ve had your 23 week scan im certain you`ll feel happier too. It just seems like another of those lovely pregnancy ailments that we have to put up with. Glad you`re feeling happier anyway!

    Katy xx
  • yeh i did the same thing, didnt rest after speaking with my midwife, and at my scan i asked if the fluid levels were normal, the woman seemed a bit annoyed at me as if i was asking a silly question!!! think its the fact that its wet and clear rather than white i guess??? xx
  • My midwife was the sameat the scan! When i asked if the fluid levels were okay she looked at me like i had 2 heads! I agree mine was and still is really watery and clear which is what got me worrying. Just didnt expect to be wearing any kind of panty liner/pad during pregnancy!

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