Gender guesses!

hey, so I’m currently 10w+2d and having the “it’s a girl” conversations with everyone I’ve made eye contact with! only a few close friends, obviously family and my work colleagues know that I’m pregnant, and they’ve all suspected our little bundle of joy is going to be pretty in pink! From some of my symptoms could anyone give their opinion on this...? 

•sickness -worse in am, nauseous all day (have been put on tabs) 

•breaking out in spots here there and everywhere (girl steals the mother’s beauty?)

•appetite completely gone!! Can’t eat for love nor money but belly seems to have popped 


  • Hi 

    i had a girl first time round - clear skin, bad sickness, craving ice, apples, chocolate, cheese, choc cake

    im pregnant again ... spotty as hell, fizzy sweets and choc craving got a feeling it’s akother girl though. 

    I think you have to go with with your gut but equally be open minded about the possibility of a boy. Everyone guessed girl with me though and every gender quiz I did 

    pee in baking soda 

    Chinese gender table 

    quiz on line 

    all came back GIRL 

    would love a boy this time round but I cannot see it happening x 

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