does breatfeeding make you lose weight quicker?

hope this doesnt sound selfish, i wouldnt be doing it just to lose the baby weight but i have heard that it is a n added bonus.

i am thinking of bfeeding this one, as i didnt with my first and wish i had. and obviously its much better for the baby.

but is it true what they say, does it make you lose weight? how quickly were you back to normal?


  • You are supposed to lose weight quicker when BF. My LO is 7 weeks (but was 7 weeks early and due yesterday). Im quite petite and went up to 9 1/2 stones and im now back into all my old jeans and stuff and my pre pregnancy weight. Not sure if its normally that dramatic or im just lucky.

  • i am size 10 normally, and put on 3 stones last time, and lost it all within 2 weeks and didnt breastfeed and didnt diet or exercise or anything, i so hope that happens again, but i feel bigger this time round so am not counting on it!
  • i bf and put on 3 stone in pg, breast feeding helped me loose the weight i think was back in size 10 jeans after a week.
  • Hi, breastfeeding helps your uterus to contract back quicker but you don't necessarily lose weight per se as you need to hold on to some extra stores for the breastfeeding, it also depends on your body type and whether you are naturally slim or have to work on it.
    Also, think positive - 'you are going to BF' & get some Lansinoh nipple cream ready to use abit before giving birth and for after & read up lots before to get yourself prepared.
    Check out & for BF'ing info.
    Good luck with whatever you decide, the first few weeks are tough - I had to remind myself that baby & I were both new to BF'ing and both learning!
  • I bf all 3 and now no.3 is a month old and I have 4lb to lose to pre-pg weight. Hubby read on poster in hosp (aren't they just everywhere?!) that bf uses up an extra 500 calories a day. My excuse for guzzling chocolate and still losing weight!!! Jelly belly needs firming tho....!
    Just be very open-minded about bf and go with what suits you, your baby and your family. I'll soon be stopping as family life is hectic and I can't just sit all day with a babe on my boob! She's had a great start so I'm happy.
  • My sister breast-fed her little girl and is currently feeding her new baby boy (7 weeks!)... she lost LOADS of weight really quickly and is convinced its the breast feeding that helped.

    She's lost is much quicker 2nd time around too as little baby Adam is a PIGGY!!! Honestly, I don't think I've seen him when he's not latched on!!!
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