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Just curious ladies as my cycle has always been 21 days and I was just wondering if it had any effect on my due date?? I mentioned it to my mw on my booking in appoint and she was surprised and said that I must of miscounted - even though its been the same since I started my periods!!! anyway I know it probably doesnt I was just curious thats all as I know everything is based on a 28 day cycle.


6 days!!!!!!


  • Hi Lou, yes your cycle lengh does affect your due date. Based on a normal 28 day cycle my due date was 20th June however as my cycle is normally 21 days awell I worked my due date out to be the 13th or 14th June and this was confirmed when I had my 12 scan. Did they give you the same date at your scan? Tammi xxx

  • They gave me conflicting ones one for this weekend and one for next and mw just said we will just aim for somewhere inbetween!! lol my mw is crap fair do's
  • Try this link and see what date you get. It allows you to adjust your cycle lengh. Mine was one day out compared to my scan.
    Tammi xxx
  • It gave me today as my due date lol so hopefully sometime this week he will be here!!!!!!!!

    Cheers for that
  • No probs, keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hopefully baby Scott will arrive soon too! Tammi xxx

  • hi louise!
    nutty midwife!! you always ovulate 14 days before your period starts, so a 21 day cycle would put your date 7 days before a 28 day cycle! however, Drs are notorious for changing things ( i got changed by 2 days with my first! eh?!), so i would leave it to them to look at the scan & decide!
  • Hi Louise,
    MW should always calculate due date from first day of last period. However your scan should be able to give you the accurate date so no doubt you'll have your dates revised. My cycles were anything from 28-35 days. I used ovulation test strips and based on these rather than the mw date my due date came out the same as that of the 12wk scan!
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