One Down... One to go...

We have just told OH's mum that we are expecting number 2! It went down ok actually although I don't think too impressed with the small age gap (lo will be 7 months old on thursday)! She is always worried about money money money and was saying "can you afford it" blah blah blah. Personally I think the small gap is a bonus because everything is still gonna be up to date. We have everything we need, bottles, sterilisers, cot, pushchair (although i think we'll buy a cheap twin one too), cups, bowls, spoons, clothes (especially if we have another boy!), toys, car seats, we will hardly need to spend anything as an initial outlay.
Now we have to tell my Mum which could be a nightmare but I'm just gonna get it over and done with before someone else tells her (like last time lol). Just can't wait for the weight to be lifted off my shoulders once she knows! We are also planning on telling her our first was intentional (she thinks we had an accident) and that this one was planned too... ohhhhhhhh nooooooooo i have butterflies in my tummy thinking about the scowl on her face lol!!! she'll get over it!!!
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  • Hi Hannah,
    Firstly congratulations!
    Secondly, well done on telling the inlaws. Take no notice of what they say, your the one's who will be bringing up two babies. I have a small age gap between my two, Erin was 12mnths and 3 weeks when Joe was born 7 weeks ago. We found that we hardly had to buy anything, obviously we had to buy some clothes as i dont think our little man would suit pink, but once i sorted through Erin's old stuff we had lots of white things which i have used again, the only thing we have had to buy really is a double puschair (i would defo recommend a phil & teds). being pregnant with a little one wasnt easy but it's lovely now they are both here and i cant wait for them to play together.
    Thirdly, try not to worry too much about telling your mum, and so what anyway? Like i said it's your lives and your obviously thrilled so thats the main thing.
    Good luck with the pregnancy, take care, and try not to get too stressed.
    Katie, mummy to Erin 14mnths and Joe 7 weeks. x
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