Which Pushchair do I get???


I'm looking for a good sturdy pushchair and car seat (travel system). Must be suitable from birth, be compact as I've not got much boot space and not look cheap!

Do you think it's best to have a matching car sear that forms a travel system with the pram or have a separate make of car seat?

Which is the best newborn car seat?? One that's not too heavy and stylish looking??

Thanks :\)


  • I've got the Quinny Buzz as it's reasonably lightweight, looks really funky and fits into a tiny boot (I've got a MINI)! I bought it with the MaxiCosi car seat so it turns into a travel system!
    It's a minefield out there so go and try a few in Mothercare and see what you fancy!
  • So does the maxiCosi fit into the Quinny? Aren't they two different makes though?

    I was thinking of getting a maxi cosy as they're really safe.
  • I would go into mothercare and have a look hun. There are sooo many to choose from its down to each persons individual needs, and dont forget not all car seats fit into all cars xxx
  • m&p have a fab buggy called luna. it comes in really funky colours and you can buy a car seat and other matching stuff! it think they buggy is about ??125 but extra for carseat. it is quite new and wasnt out then we were looking, im gutted cos its fab and really lightweight.
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