Hi all,

I hope everyone is ok this fine Monday! Just a question for everyone...I will be 8 weeks preg. tomorrow and feel very bloated and find I can't pull my tummy in image
Does anyone else have the same problem?



  • i've had that problem twice. one i was full of wind and felt like i'd explode... and the second was i was retaining a lot of water at the beginning so my tunny went rock hard.

    dunno if this is similar to you?
  • I suppose wind could have something to do with it as i'm also a litte constipated (sorry) I wish my tummy was hard, ha ha! thanks!
  • I'm only 6+4 but feel exactly the same Taryn! I think it's perfectly normal xxxx
  • Totally normal don't worry! Should start to ease around 12 weeks and you will start to get more of a baby bump than just feeling bloated.

    Liz x 36+3
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