home birth stories anyone ?

i am most definitely about 90% decided on a home birth with my second. midwife said i should let her know my definite decision in 6 weeks (when i will be 28weeks) so she can draw up an on-call rota.

does anyone have any stories good or bad to help my decision?



  • Hi hun - on living tv they have this series called home grown babies which is all about home births - good and bad, I think it's stopped for a while now but it'll def be back on soon - that should help, I'm having a home birth (fingers crossed) and am really positive about my decision, xxx
  • if u want a home birth do u have to tell the midwife asap or can u decide at any time that u want 1.
  • I would tell them asap if I were you - I told them at 8 weeks. I'm not sure what the rules are and they're prob different in each area anyway - but at least if you tell them you are considering it then the door wont be shut before you're ready! xxx
  • i think u r best to book home birth hun then if u change ur mind at last min u can go hosp, just so ur community mw know that a home birth is due ect.
    i had home birth 16m ago and hopefully will have another with this babe, i found it much more relaxing and found labour much easier to handle, its also nice to have 2 mw all to ur self throughout who u will prob have seen at anti natal so u kinda know. xx
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