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Evening ladies, need some advice. I took a pregnancy test on Friday, 2days ago, and a very faint line came up. Then I dad another one this morning and it was abit darker but still quite faint. My husband isn't convinced it's a definite positive. We are not allowing ourselves to get excited as we have been trying for 5 months now after having a miscarriage at 15 weeks last year. What do you think?? 

Thanks ladies 😀image


  • Haha that's a massive fat positive it's not even faint hun CONGRATS!!!!! XXXX

  • Haha thanks susiegirlygirl. I would have very irregular cycles and if my maths is correct, I wasn't due til yesterday. Best get the docs booked 🤗🤗🤗 xx

  • Oh yeah, there's nothing faint about that test!! Congrats!!

  • Yay! Happy for you!♡♡

  • Also I took about 5 to 6 test in one day due to me being so stubborn I couldn't believe it! Haha best thing to do is maybe go buy a clear blue that says pregnant or not pregnant and both of you will know. If it comes out negative you should set up an appointment to get tested maybe it's to early to detect it on clear blue but the lines pop out. Just to be safe! Good luck girl♡ x

  • Hey ladies, sorry for the late reply. All in all took 4 tests 🙈 all positive!! Went to the doctor on moMondand she said a line, no matter how faint is still a positive 😳😳 

    So I have my first scan on 31st of December. Super excited!! Will keep you updated 😀😀

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