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Rubix Reviews??

Hi Girls,
OH and I have just ordered Mamas and Papas Rubix!
It doesnt come until 1st Oct and we quite likes it but obvs not put it into practice (our first baby is due in Jan...)
Has anyone got this that can give me a review??


  • hi sorry i cant give you a review, but just wanted to say this is def the pram i have my eye on so will be checking back here to read your replies...i am only 8 wks though so have plenty time xx
  • yumsymumsy, thanks for ur reply!
    it seemed really good in the shop when we got the demo, was really smooth to push etc and even i could fold and unfold it easily first time!
    so hopefully it will be good!
    but havnt put to use with a baby so just wanted someones opinion whos used it too!
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