Help I can't breath, bad cold

Need advise. I am 22 weeks preg and have the worst cold, my nose is so blocked up that I can't even smell Olbas oil on a piece of tissue. I am only getting about 2 hours sleep as having to sleep with my mouth open is making my sore throat and cough worse. I have a toddler to look after in the day time. Is there anything I can take?
I would usually take Vicks Sinex but someone told me I shouldn't use it while pregnant?
Can I inhale vicks vapour rub in hot water?

Thank you for you help. Debs xxxxxx


  • Not sure about the vapour rub, but I think you should be ok with on of the plug in vapourisers that karvol and vicks make. We always use it in ou lo's room and I seem to remember it's suitable from birth so is probably ok during pregnancy. Blackcurrant and glycerin pastills might help with the sore throat and are safe during pregnancy (I ate about 4 packets of them in 2 days last time I had a cold) and I always find if I am run down that Lucozade energy sweets/tablets help (and the orange flavoured one are yummy!) How old is your toddler? Can they be persuded to play doctors while you have a rest or are they too little? Hope you feel better soon

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  • ive been using vicks sinex for my cold, ive been swearing by it!! but you have to check that ur ok to use it with ur doctor, maybe its just worth giving them a ring just to check. vapour rub is fine to use, and a few drops of olbas oil in a hot steamy bath will help open all ur passages. hope this helps!

    love grace and girl bump 26+5 xx
  • Thank you very much Kerry and Grace.
    I just went on google and found that the Net Doctor said there are no reports on pregnant women having side effects from using vicks sinex as long as you don't use it too much. Well I have just had a squirt and it feels so good to be able to breath again. I have just dropped my 18 month old off at mums and hope to have a couple of hours sleep.
    Also for the future I got some Glycerin, Lemon and Honey syrup from the co-op today so hopefully that will also help sore throat. Think I will get some of the pastills too.
    Thanks again. xxxxxx
  • I'm 23 weeks and have had about 3 colds in this pregnancy, lol, vicks vapour rub is the best and I always use it. I didn't know you could take sinex so I'll use that next time. I did read one article about not supposed to use vicks or olbas oil but cmon whats it going to do lol, plus the article on babycentre (best site ever!) says you can use them.

    Also a salt water nasal spray is supposed to help a blocked nose and I find piling loads of pillows makes it easier to breathe x
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