Should i be worried or is it norml?

Hi girls

I could just be worrying about nothing but thought i would ask our advice, today as soon as i woke up i felt a bit light headed (which has become a regular thing on and off) and then about 30 mins later i got really hot and sweaty and just generally felt strange.Dizzy,lightheaded and hot and a bit tingly is it normal or should i be concerned?I felt much better after 5 minutes of laying down and i have amidwife appointment tomorrow so should i just mention it to her then? Im a bit of a worrier since becoming pregant!

charlie x 22weeks today


  • I felt those within my first few weeks. Not sure if getting it around 22 weeks is normal or not.But best to check these things with you midwife. But as far as I'm aware that is a normal pregnancy symptom!!But not so sure!!
  • Could just be a sign of low blood pressure. I have had that lately, and at about 13 weeks had a bit of a white out because I'd been standing up too much. What have your blood pressure readings been like so far?
  • hi ya

    well my midwife has been useless to be honest and i have only had my blood pressure done once which was the last time i saw her (at 16 weeks) the reading was 122/63 she didnt say anything about it so i assume that was normal?

    charlie x 22 weeks
  • Hi charlie

    i have been having similar problems but my blood pressure is low - its reading approx 80/60 they said, as i've been having headaches too. Think normal bp is 120/80 so yours is low at one end. The doc said its perfectly normal in pregnancy & always better to be low than high & as long as i am not passing out then not to worry but to take it easy when i feel dizzy & lightheaded, definately get your midwife to check it out tho & let her know you are concerned xx
  • glad you posted as i have had this every day for weeks and kept meaning to ask you guys. i am going to mention it to mw this afternoon but im sure she will be as useless as ever. taking oh wit me to make sure i dont wimp out, shes so horrible to me. probably cos im young (im 21). i think it is blood pressure but in my case i thinkits high... i get the same feelings as you charlie and feel like i need a cold flannelsome ice and i have to lie down with my feet up. this works but wheni get up i get head rush all over again. hope it eases for you
    xx sorry for rambling on!!
  • you could be anaemic, i keep on getting really dizzy and passing out. i had blood tests at 28 weeks(29 now) and iron levels came back really says this was probably the cause of my dizzy spells!
  • thanks everyone

    I will definatly mention it to my midwife tomorrow and see what she says, probably the same thing she says all the time "yeh some women get that" thats what she said when i told her about being in pain with my hips at times.

    Hollylizzy im only 20 and my midwife has been quite nice, useless yes but always nice lol maybe you could request a different mw if she is that nasty?How far gone are you?

    charlie x 22wks
  • i had the same thing from about 16 weeks up until just recently. Feel better now. MW put it down to BP being low, again this is normal in the second trimester apparently. try eating some snack etc more often and dont rush when getting to your feet from a laying down or sitting position. dont think its anything to worry about but you value is a little low on one end....and im not def but i think thats the value they are looking at when diagnosing low bp. check tomorrow though. my bp is normally 120/80 but on 2 visits had dropped to 100/60. had it done at last check up and it was back to 120/80. xx

  • charlie im 35+4. she is quiterude and dismissive.its luck of the draw who i see, could be one of 6, i always get the 2 horrible ones!
    not long got back,they taking bloods again next week but i didnt actually get an answer so im feelin a bit miffed and worried atm.
  • HI
    I also suffered with this on and off most morning from about 15-30 weeks. My blood pressure and iron were spot on and the Diabetes test thing was ok. Midwife told me to eat something sweet in a morning (jam on toast) and to carry a bottle of lucozade and a choccie bar in bag as i was passing out or mearly passing out on train in a morning!:\)
  • I haven't had this and my blood pressure is on the high end of the scale - 132/86 last time, surely that's not normal! It was my GP and he said it was normal and I was clearly just stressed cos my heart rate was 120. Medical appointments really worry me!

    However when I was walking my dogs the other day I took them for a long walk and I did feel a bit dizzy at one point and my belly was aching a bit. You might be anaemic I think I am as I'm so incredibly tired!

    Philippa 15+3 x x x

  • hi when i was 14 weeks preg i fainted (and threw up in a carrier bag) in the middle of primark!! had to carried out by paramedics!! how embarrassing!!! my sugars were really low apparently. i never mentioned it to my midwife i dont know why? but i would recommend you do but if you got up quick its prob blood pressure. xx
  • Hello, sorry to hear you are feeling like this. there are a couple of things it could be a symptom of...what sort of things are you usually doing, what position are you in before when these symptoms occur.

    These symptoms could be either...
    1)low blood pressure like others have said. this can be as a result of standing up too quickly causing your blood to rush to your lower extremities causing you to feel light headed. You can resolve this by getting up slowing...or getting into the sitting position on the edge of the bed before actually standing up. Apparently, lying on your back doesn't help and as a result you should try and lie on your side as it will be easier for your body to pump blood around image

    2)hypoglycemia (lowblood sugar) . Are you drinking lots of water and eating enough? Like others have mentioned, this can cause you to drop your blood sugars causing dizzyness.

    3)Too hot. Spending time in a very hot room or taking a hot bath or shower can cause your blood vessels to dilate, lowering your blood pressure and making you feel woozy.

    4)Anaemia which is low iron count can also cuase you to feel dizzy and light headed

    Average blood pressure depends upon your age and health, however, for you age presuming you are usually fit and healthy its about 120/80. Your diastolic (second number) is abit on the lower side. Saying this I don't want to worry you, as in the second semester it is normal for mothers to drop their blood pressure. I would recommend you get your midwife to check your blood pressure tomorrow for your own benefit. If you feel she does not seem overly concerned but you still worried Iwould make an appointment with your Dr just to reassure yourself. Don't forget to let us know how you get on! xxx
  • Sorry double post image xxx

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  • like bumpety bump said my bp was 120/80 so thats ok i assume, but there was also mention of drinking lots of water. i have replaced my usual diluted juice drinks with water the last few weeks, could that be the problem?
    hope u get on ok charlie, fingers crossed let us know xx
  • Charlie....hope to get you on msn but by any chance have you been lying on your back during the night? This can put pressure on your aorta and lower your blood supply to your body. It's not serious but it does mean baby gets a little less blood than usual and you get light headed and dizzy when you get up. Try and make sure you lie on your side...use pillows under you if you have to.
  • My blood pressure dropped from 120/70 - 90/55 in about a week. wondered why i kept having lil objects spinning in my eyes or i kept losing balance. I tend to sit down and let it pass before moving again luckily i have a partial desk job. none of my colleagues have got kids so none understand my wierd spouts of ailments
  • charlie we not heard from you since posted this..hope you ok????? march mums worried about you
    d x
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