really worried baby not moving and no bump?????????

am i just being paranoid something gonna go wrong?
my baby didnt move at the scan except for a little waving hand action and kicking its legs. but it wouldnt move of his back even when the midwife shock my stomach to make the baby bounce.....
plus i have no bump. i thought i had but its just fat around my stomach! that flapy feeling you know?
im realy worried im nearly at fourteen weeks on thursday and i dont feel anything anymore except my hips feel bruised, it is getting comfortable in bed and so on is a big struggle as my hips feel like they are growing apart.

please tell me this is normal or someone has been through this cause I am going mad here. I don't want to worry the hubby as we have had so much stress getting his ex ( his childs mother) to not stop him seeing his daughter (3), which she does do when ever it suits her. and its tearing us apart. they last thing we need is worry something is wrong with our little miracle.:\?:cry:


  • Hey, everything sounds fine! Your baby might just have been a bit quiet at the scan, babys in the womb sleep and rest just like we do and don't move all the time. I didn't have a 12 week scan so was even more worried when I wasn't getting a bump, I looked totally normal until 15 weeks and then it just shot out from nowhere. You will probably start showing soon but you might just not show until 6 months or so, that's normal too!
    Philippa, 24 wks x x x
  • my friend never had a bump til nearly 6 months!! u r still quite early i wouldn't worry! have u spoken to the midwife about this? i'm sure she will happily reassure you! xx
  • thanks gals, as its my first, i think i just wanna see the bump to feel like yes this is happening. i havent had any sickness etc or anything since my 12 week scan, and not having my mum around to say its normal makes you so nervous you know? thanks alot.
  • Everything sounds normal to me, you are unlikely to feel movements if this is your first until 19-20weeks, and even if this isn't your first you might not feel the flutterings until 14-15+weeks. Everyone is different so I wudn't compare ur bump with others many women dnt show until 5-6months gone. Good luck and relax. Kerry xxx
  • I'm 16 weeks and I don't have a bump image but I know baby is fine.

    Plus I have the same problems with my hips, I like to lay on my side and as soon as I get comfortable I need to swap side as they start to ache, this is perfectly normal your hormones lossen everything up and make you more suseptible (sp) to aches and pains.

  • Hi lovely

    I had the exact same thing at my 12 week scan. The woman doing it made me panic becos after shaking my belly and making me cough baby still wouldnt even muster so much as a wriggle. Which she pointed out was strange! Only a few weeks later I started to feel her moving and now I'm 26 weeks she just doesnt stop!! She's been on the move since half 3 this morning!!!

    Plus it was only a few weeks ago that I started to really show - kept getting comments from work colleagues that if I hadnt told them they wouldnt guess in a million years that I was pregnant - still being told they cant understand where she is hiding!!

    Have to say even tho I'm starting to get quite a bump, I still have days where I dont feel very pregnant. Guess we should count ourselves lucky that we're getting such an easy ride so far!!

    Take care - dont worry, everything will be absolutely fine

    C xxxxx
  • Hi ,

    I like you worried at the start. I am only just getting what i call a bump it has only just appeared over the last 2 weeks and I am 29 weeks today. I had an in-depth scan at 20 weeks and the baby would not move for them. They tried jiggling the probe and sending noises through the scanning equipment.
    I feel her move now but some days it is more than others, just as i start to really worry and think of calling the Mw she moves.
    Good luck and try not to worry. The MW said a cold glass of water will usually get the baby moving,
    mary xx
  • like me you may have been a lucky one and missed out on mourning sickness, im 19 weeks and have just felt my first fluttering,i was laid on the bed relaxed,just before i went to bed!
    and iv only just started to show,seems like my belly gone big over night, everyones diffrent tho so just relax and enjoy ur pregnancy love hayley xx
  • Hey chuck, I was having the same problems with aches and pains - get one of those v shaped or semi-circular cushions (I got mine from Mothercare - ??20) - its been a godsend!! I've slept so well since I got mine - and I now have quite a belly!!! And my bump didn't appear till about 17 weeks, when it just shot out from nowhere!! Don't worry - you'll get one!!
  • If your hip pain gets worse or carries on and is very uncomfortable I would mention it to your midwife as I had a friend who developed a condition with her hips in pregnancy -I don't know what the symptoms were but if in doubt, ask you midwife - that's what she is there for.
    As for the bump size don't worry - some people show early, others late.
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