what kind of steriliser should i get

i was just wondering what everyone would recommmed as i have no idea where to start and there are so many on themarket. Im stuck between the microwave ones and the electric....i do plan on breast feeding, and my kitchen is quite small so dont want anything too big. any suggestions?


  • If you don't have a lot of space in your kitchen the microwave ones are probably best because you can keep it in the microwave out of the way!

    I like the electric steam ones personally but its just because thats what I know from the LO's I used to look after.
  • Hi,

    I just bought the Tommee tippee microwave one and at the mo it comes with some free bottles and a bottle brush. I am planning to breast feed and express so oh can help a bit. If you wait til 27th and go to asda it's 9.99 in their mother and baby promotion. I payed 19.98 from tescos (then read about Asda promo...)but have seen them as much as 40.00.



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  • i think we are getting the electric steam one, but like you i am not sure. xxx
  • if you are planning on breastfeeding i really wouldnt spend alot on one!i bought the tommee tippee microwave one and have used it about twice cuz expressing is not as easy as it seems and my lo has never liked bottles so i just havent used them!!it may even be better waiting ill after baby to see if you need one but your choice xxx
  • hiya I used the tommee tippee electric steam one just trusted it better than microwave you can get free bottles and brushes with some of them I'm going to use it again with my next babay, it what your used to I think xx
  • i really liked the tommee tippee microwave one! it was really good when i was bf and could sterilise the pump in there and when he was older i put all his bowls in there too! you can store bottles in it and hid it in your microwave when not in use.
  • ive just brought the tommy tipee steam electric 1 cos knowing me my microwave will pack up wen its time to use it lol xx
  • hmm thats ladies. i think im going to go for the microwave one because like you say...it can be stored in there too..will hang on till the asda baby event thanks.
  • im going avent electric one
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