Finally got my booking in appointment

Well the mw called this afternoon after a week of waiting and has booked me in tomorrow at 2.30. So i have got a dating scan at 10.30 in the morning and then she is doing a home visit at 2.30. I wish tomorrow would hurry up now as im so excited and nervous. Just want to have the scan to make sure every thing is ok and then i can start looking forward to having another baby.


  • I telephoned last week to arrange booking my scan and the earliest they can do is 2/01/08? which means I will be well and truly past the 12 wk mark. I was hoping to have a peek at he/she and show their pic off at christmas and considering I have had quite a few bleeds through the pregnancy its a long and worrying time to wait.
  • Hi lindsey its normally between 11-14 weeks you have scan but if you have had bleeding i would really keep on at your doctor to send you to early pregnancy unit for a scan.

    Good luck for tomorrow hayley got mw on 10 jan and scan on 11 so i will have busy couple of days then xx
  • lindsay - i dont know where you live, but round my way you can just call the early pregnancy unit direct if you're concerned about your bleeding. you could phone your local hospital, ask your gp surgery for the number or phone nhs direct.

    My scan is at 13.5 weeks and I was gutted not to get it bang on 12 weeks!
  • You ladies need not to worry cause I am having mine next week and I wil be 16 weeks by then. So they took their sweet time with me. God 4 more weeks after that I will have to be booked in for my 20 week...
  • lol mines 2moro i'll be (according to the scan 2 weeks ago) 9+6 whicxh seems a lil early for a 12 week scan. but then if it shows i'm due a different date again it may just get confusing lmao. due my 20 week end of jan beginning of feb image pester the doc or fone the clinic yourself or else you could miss the chance. I can't wait as my partner gets to see our lo for the 1st time hoping its not just a blob now. that we might see some features lol like lil stick things for arms lol. My main prob is i have horrendous cystitis so how the heck do you keep a semi full bladder?!?! got docs again 2nite to try yet again to sort it
  • Yay, good for you! My scan was booked for 14 weeks which I was gutted about but I got it at 9 because of bleeding.

    6 sleeps till my 20 week scan image image image because it was booked so far in advance, I got it at bang on 20 weeks. I have changed doctors in between and I worried I'd have to change hospitals but I kicked up a fuss cos they wouldn't have been able to get me in until like 24 weeks!!! So I'm having it at my old hospital!

    It's amazing how when you have bleeding (I did) they can organise you a scan for the next day but when it comes to a 12-week or 20-week they're always busy x x x
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