how strange lol !

hiya all well as you may know from my previous posts i am 18 +2 and last nite was a very sleepless nite i cud not get comfy for the life in me i am showing quite alot now but i laid on my back and was shocked that my stomach did not go down it actually felt like a baby bump which felt very strange i turned on my side and felt the same it is absolutley amazing i actually feel like i am pregnant sounds silly but its the little things isn't it? i never experienced any of this with my first child as i had a concealed pregnancy just thought i wud share that with you all xxxx


  • oo00oo so there is hope out there for people like me who don't feel pregnant then lol if it wasn't for tummy growing at mo i'd swear it was a dream!
  • Be sooooooooooooooo glad you are having a symptomless pregnancy!! I on the other hand have started to experience almost EVERY irritating pregnancy symptom you can think of lol.

    leaky,sore,itchy boobs- in fact itchy skin ALL over (particularly my legs and scalp)
    nausea- all day can hardly eat and when I do...................
    can't sleep
    can't sit/lie down/stand up comfortabley
    horrendous piles

    To name but a few (just to really make you appreciate how lightly you are getting off here!!!)

    I hope for you the rest odf your pregnancy is as good- thankfully I have only 3 weeks left and after that my hubby is going for the snip lol

  • Wow Katie, that's the bit I'm looking forward to! I've feel so un-pregnant at the mo, apart from a stinking cold and feeling sicky, that I can't wait for some kind of confirmation from my body that I'm actually pregnant.

    Lol KThom, not planning on having any more then? You made me chuckle!

    Corinna x
  • KThom you forgot needing the loo every hour during the night and acid indigestion not being able to put your own socks on (or is that just me) lol x x x
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