Big baby?

What do you consider to be a big baby?

I personally think anything above 10Ib is but that could be just because i am used to all members of my family having 10Ib babies?!



  • I'd probably say above 9lb,my son was 8lb 1/2oz and that was big enough for me! However,I think it depends very much on the mum,I had no stitches on my boy and I'm quite narrow hipped etc but the lady opposite me who was a larger lady had to have a c section on her 8lb 3 baby as he wouldn't fit through her birth canal! xx
  • Its quite scarey isnt it ha! My sisters all had 10Ib 'ers and hubby was also 10Ib at birth (I was just under 7Ib). I am 5ft 8in, size 7 foot - does this all guarantee a big baby for me??arghh??


  • the health professionals class anything over 9lbs as a "big baby" brooke was 9lb 10.6oz. so considered a "big baby" average baby is about 7lb4oz i think
  • I was told at my hospital that the average weight of a newborn is now 8lb 8oz so I would say 9lb is biggish but not enormous!
  • Oh my goodness this is certainly giving me food for thought.
    I was only 5lb 6 oz when born- full term not prem, my brothers were all under 7lbs. I am only 5 foot and am terrified at the though of having a baby so big my pelvis cant cope. Is birth weight related to mothers stature at all- please let it be am scared i wont be able to give birth naturally x
  • Mrs Kittyboo,I'm 5'7 and size 6 shoe and my DD was 7lb6 and DS 8 1/2oz so you're not guaranteed a big one! Babycrazy,I don't think weight is directly related to the mum,but obviously your body shape (narrow pelvis etc) will affect how big you can go! But like I said,I'm very narrow,usually a size 10 and had no probs either time! xx
  • id class anything over 8lb as big. Tegan was 8lb and i thought she was big, all the babies in my family are normally about 6-7lb though xx
  • mine were both just under 9lb,8lb14oz and 8lb12oz(at 10 days early!)and i class these as quite big.All my friends and family average at 8lb and below babies.I also have long babies and hubby is tall so think they get it from him! xxx
  • thank god i am not guaranteed a 'big one'....i thought because i am of bigger build - that was it! ha!

  • no i dnt think it goes on build hun,i was a size 8-10 before having my 1st and 5 ft 4" and she was 2 oz off 9lb!! however on the other scale a friend of mine was a size 16-18 and similar height,her baby was only in the early 6lbz! im also not convinced it goes on what weight u were urself when born as i was only 2lb 14oz!! xxx
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