Less kicks?!?!?!

Hi girls!!

I've felt my baby girl move from 16 weeks, the kicks used to be quiet strong, she'd kick through out the day & when I got in bed (this is when I would feel her most)! Now @ 24 weeks, they seem to really have slowed down. I do still feel her daily, but not half as much as I used to! I'm thinking she may have changed position or something, because her kicks now tend to be on my bladder. Or maybe there's more water in there so the kicks don't feel as strong??

Any thoughts?


24+2 x


  • I think she may have just changed position.
    When I was around the same stage my baby went a bit quieter and I think its because he moved further down because I felt more pressure down below.
    As long as you're still feeling her she should be fine, within a couple weeks she'll probably change position again and you'll start feeling her more than ever!

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