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  • I am 38+3 and have had achey legs for about a week or so now. I mentioned it to mw who said it was probably due to added pressure of bump.
    It could be that baby is lying on a nerve which mine also does sometimes!! I don't think its anything to worry about but if the pain were to get unbearable then I would have it checked out
  • I am 34+3 and getting regular pains in my legs too sometimes it's cramp and sometimes it feels like lo is laid on a nerve. also had a few sharp stabbing shooting pains which disappear as quick as they come.
  • Hi Del,
    Is your calf hot to touch?? Would you say your right calf is bigger than your left calf? If so I would just get it checked out to be on the safe side, need to rule out that you do not have a DVT. Don't want to alarm you. Better to be safe than sorry.
    Mary & Twinkle xx
  • thanks ladies.
    am off to hospital to get checked over, have a MW appt tomorrow but i called today and she has made an appt for me to be seen at hospital this afternoon.

  • Hi Del, hope you get on ok at the hospital, thinking of you,
    Mary xx
  • definately get this checked out to rule out DVT.
  • Hi Del,
    Not heard anything from you, just want to check you are ok,
    Mary and Twinkle xx
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