is it okay to NOT drink water?

Hi, I've noticed that my wee is quite yellow again, I've gone off water as it makes me feel icky so am just drinking lots of lemonade is this okay? xx


  • Water would be better but lemonade is better than nothing! You might find that in large quanities the lemonade gives you indegestion (it does me!) and it tends to have quite alot of sugar. What about trying fruit juice or squash instead? Or even fruit tea as that is almost completely water.

  • Water has been making me feel sick aswell, and midwife said not to drink to much fizzy pop as its got to much sugar and gives you indigestion.

    ive been drinking tesco's slightly sparkling flavoured spring water. not as much sugar ar fizzy pop

  • I don't think its a problem in terms of the baby but its no good for ur teeth!

    I know someone who drank nothing but lilt all thru her pregnancy as it was a craving and her lo was fine!

    Personally I dont really drink anything BUT tap water except if I am out. But I'm weird and really like the 'taste'. You could try adding sugar free lemon & lime squash to sparkling water to recreate lemonade taste! xxx

  • The main problem with tap water is the hormones that are in it....I don't think you can get rid of them by boiling though. xxx
  • I put some lemon squash in it, but we filter all our water as it tastes awful otherwise!

  • I pretty much only drink tap water as I'm wierd and love it! If it seems to taste horrid you could always try filling a bottle and keeping it in fridge or suck on ice cubes!

  • I drink loads of water normally but during first 12 weeks of pregnancy it made my sickness worse especially if it was cold. I just drank lots of sprite (i went off diet coke) and squash. Im now 15 weeks and i can drink water again. I think you will be fine just try to drink some squash with some vitamin C in too and switch to diet lemonade!
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