my babies kicks are really low down!!

Hi every1 i awill be 25 weeks tomorrow this is my first i am having a blue bump!!Cant wait i have felt the baby move 4 a number of weeks last night i was lying on my bed and i saw him move he is really down in my pelvic area is this normal i have i tiny bump at the moment ppl have only just started to notice lol t

laura xx


  • It could be his little hands you are feeling. Im 31w and i feel movement everywhere as i think bubba is changing position. MW told me it was head down at 28w check (although she barely touched me, so not sure if this is right) and I now think the baby is lying accross my belly. Dont worry about the position of the baby because there is plenty room still left in your uterus to allow the baby to move around a fair bit. As long as you feel fine, im sure there is no need to worry.

  • thanks hun xx
  • Hiya - I experienced the same thing throughout my pregnancy as well - not a particularly nice feeling - almost like its scraping your cervix. I used to say to OH it was like the baby was going to stick a hand out and give us a wave at any minute!! All was fine, my blue one arrived 16 days ago safe and sound..... it's just where the baby's low down so don't worry
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