Amnio Test

hi ladies

this is first post, I received a phone call from the midwife saying that my Down’s test has come back with a bery high reading 1:56.

im booked in on Monday for a Amnio and very scare. Ive read up about the risk and it being a 0.5% of coursing a miscarrage. 

i no that if baby has Down’s I wouldn’t be able to cope so would have to end the pregnanc.

please ladies have any of you had the Amnio and what was it like.

many thanks 



  • Hi hun I just posted to u on that other post I commented on xx I had this situation please read my reply or drop me a message xxx 

  • Hi Susiegirlgirl

    im so sorry to hear this the choice you made was in my opinion was the right one heartbreaking as it was.

    im just so scared of everything I’ve not slept in 2 days 

  • II totally understand but u will cope and u will be fine. Remember the chances of it baby being ok is much higher? Was ur scan ok? With my scan there was a lot of fluid around her neck which was a high indication of a chromazone abnormality. If ur babies fluid was normal chances are all will be ok  x

  •  baby wasn’t playing ball had 4 scans and wasn’t In the right positio. So waited for 15wk scan and they got the head measurement then took bloods.

  • Juju did u have the amnio done ? Xxx been thinking if u xxx

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