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Sex during pregnancy

Hi Everyone

Am in the early stage of my first trimester and wondering about sex! Am presuming it's ok as long as it's not to energetic!

Has it caused anyone bleeding? Haven't met with my midwife yet but didn't want to wait that long before asking!

Any advice would be great x


  • Hi Emily.

    Yes sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe and you can still be energetic! Make the most of it now as when you get further along and have a bump it gets difficult to find a comfy posistion.

    Maz x
  • Not energetic??? lol it takes all my energy! hehe

    Anyway i didnt have sex in the first trimester with my first baby as i had a bleed at 7 weeks but i have been having sex throughout with this pregnancy and had no problems.

    I also had a bleed with my first at 24 weeks which was very heavy and scary and that was after sex so i guess it can happen at any point xx
  • i find it harder and harder to get turned on as the weeks go on!im 29 now and to honest, if i didnt have it again til after the baby i wouldnt mind!is that bad?i loved it before but all my favourite positions are out of the question and anything i can do i either dont like or it takes up way too much energy!i cant wait to have the baby and get back to normal now!then il make it up to my husband so i can also lose the baby weight!xx
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