Cold meats?!?!?

Ive just been looking at various foods that we should/shouldnt eat and came across a website (i think it was american) which says we should avoid cold meats like ham and turkey etc?!?! Has anyone heard this before?!

Now im worrying beacuse ive been having ham sandwiches quite regularly, not to mention the odd slice of ham i take out the packet when ive come home from work!!!! It always seems to stop the hunger!!! Tonight ive just eaten a bit of pepporoni pizza for that ok!?

Im also a massive fan of corned beef.......we get it from the fridge section though in packet form....not from a tin (i always break the opener!!) Is that ok???

God i was only told soft cheeses, goats cheese, pate and raw eggs & meat!!! its like we cant eat anything i like!!! Sorry for all the questions on cold meats....its now making me hungry again...surprise surprise!!!


  • Hi I've never heard that before I don't see how cold meats can be a problem if they're cooked. I almost always have ham sandwiches for work.
    Just listen more to what the doctors say than anything else or you could be worrying over nothing!

  • This sounds like a lot of rubbish! We would have been told if this was the case! People would have very limited diets if we couldn't eat this !! I have meat in my sarnies everyday so if we can't have it I am in trouble lol image

    Tara 31+5
  • I think it's probably worth being extra wary of food hygein with cold meats - so use well within date, keep in the fridge, and never store uncooked meat above cooked. Just basic common sense stuff.

    I tend to avoid american websites, as all the info on them seems so over the top - and you're right - if we listened to all the "advice" out there, we would never eat anything!
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