FAO Tigerlily

Hi Tigerlily,

I'm not sure if im due the day after you not sure when your due lol i am due on the 29th April and cant wait now (well i can coz im having my kitchen ripped out a week on tuesday) but once thats done i will be glad to get baby girl 2 out lol, Do u know what your having? Getting fed up yet? I was thinking i could get away with ripping it off and using my hormones as an excuse but would be just my luck with everthing thats been going on lately the courts woyldnt believe me lol, Hows your preg going im having a bit of a shit time to say the least went into labour the other week and had it stopped, now on strict rest, the Oh sleeping about behind my back and now to cap it all off ive got shingles too, Im not going to say what else could happen would just be my luck something else would lol Sophie 33+5 xx



  • Hiya, yeah I thought that was right as I'm due on the 28th April. I'm having a boy, I did want a girl but I was really happy to find out it was a boy anyway!

    My pregnancy is going fine it sounds like you're having an awful time though. I bet you're hoping she chooses to stay in a little longer! Still I wouldn't mind an early baby (at 37 weeks anyway) but I don't think that'll be happening somehow as I haven't had any signs at all. So I think I'll be late.

    I am getting a bit fed up, it feels like there's sooo long left even tho theres not really! xxx
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