Still have the ol back pain

And its a pain in my butt!!!!!!

It seems to be more painful when I have sat all day at work in my work chair. I am finding it hard to walk. I bet you this weekend it will feel ok and then during next week will get painful again. It use to be my groin back and down my legs I would get pain but now it seems to be very low down on my back and the right hand side and my right bum check.

It's every time I move my right leg to walk as well. I see MW very soon so will defo talk to her about it but do you think there is anything i can do apart from baths that can help? I bought a support pillow which has helped me sleep.

K xx


  • OMG! That is exactly what I have got. I have had it since day 1. The pain is really low on the right hand side (central right) and onto the right bum cheek. The pain is excrutiating. It hurts to walk and just when I least expect it I get a really sharp pain that takes my breath away.

    I saw my GP and I think he ruled out sciatica as typically it didn't hurt too much when he moved my leg around. He prescribed some painkillers (which my mw has told me not to take!) and also told me to self refer to the physiotherapist.

    I am only 9+2 so heavens knows how I can keep going like this until September!

    If you find anything will you let me know as it is starting to get me down?

    Thanks ever so.

  • Oh hun it does sound the same. The pain if I move a funny way can take my breath away its even made me make a noise.

    I started to get it at 11 weeks and was told by the MW it was very early?? I mean what the hell does that mean, it hurts!!!

    She said next time i see her to tell her how it feels and if it still hurts she will get somebody to see me??

    It just hurts so much and I am sure the chair at work is not helping. I worrying that if it is hurting so much now is it going to get much worse the bigger I get.

    K xx
  • this is the pain i have klou mines been diagnosed as sacroilliac dysfunction its similar to spd but you get more back problems if you see your midwife and its this you can get reffered to a physio
  • Oh really??? trust me to get that!! Thanks hun I will see what she says. It use to as i said hurt in my hips but now it's all on my back??

    K xx
  • Sounds like I may as well get to the physio and see if they can help. If you got it early at 11 weeks what on earth happened to me? Perhaps I had this before getting pg and it is not actually pg related.

    Thanks for reassuring me that I am not alone.
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