have u been treated differently???

i was just wondering if anyone has been treated differently since u have started showing????
i noticed katiemac said she has been treated really well,
i deffo have not this maybe that i work in a betting shop tho????
on friday a guy picked up a chair smashed the crap out of a machine then turned and looked at me and threw the chair at me with all his might!!!! (i ducked and it missed me lol) still a lil scary tho!!! i was a bit shaken up but lo started to kick almost straight away so i knew all was ok.

so im hoping u have all been treated alot better that me!!!!


  • yeah actually another girl was there the police came straight away but he was long gone its not the first time either about a month ago i was working and i was being screamed and shouted at by a guy who was accusing me of nicking a tenner of him (i didnt) the police came and arrested him he had to stay in a cell over night, but i dont think there is much i can do it sort of comes with the job as the areas i work in r not great the only thing that bothers me is when they start saying things about my unborn child thats when i start shouting back i know i shouldnt but thats just too personal they can say what they want about me but not her, roll on maternity leave!!!!
  • yeah tbh i have had so many problems with work i dont feel that i can ask 4 anything at the moment, b4 all this happened i had decided to put my head down and get on with it the way i look at it i have just got until the end of april and then im off for 10 months im hoping not to go back there as i have been treated so badly during my pregnancy. i know i should ask for a guy but in my work its not always possible.
  • I haven't been treated differently at all, sometimes people ask when I am due or whatever but apart from that they take no notice. Sometimes though people are a bit rude or dismissive or give me a dirty look because I'm 19 and look a lot younger with my chubby cheeks lol!!
    I used to work in a dodgy pub and there were fights all the time - I actually found that the women who worked there never got threatened. You could walk thru a fight with people throwing glasses etc and they would stop cos ur a woman. I think even some of the most violent blokes will not hit a woman in public altho I bet they have no problem doin it to their wives or girlfriends - so where u work must be pretty bad!!! I think u have the right to request to have someone there with you, hope things pick up xxx
  • tiger lily- it can be pretty bad its very strange tho i never worried about myself b4 i was pg but now im very protective of my bump and even if ppl r shouting at me im holding my bump and protecting her, even if im in a car with my boyfriend and he drives a lil fast im telling him to slow down its really strange!!
  • Hi Victoria....

    So sorry to hear that work is still rubbish...Can't believe you had to go throught that kind of experience with customers. I think its disgusting pregnant or not. Roll on your maternity leave!! I think the only reason I have been treated so well is that I work in a home furnishing shop which is mostly female customers who love to stop for a natter!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • hey you... still no luck with the whole work crap huh? your not having to work with that horror o a woman still i hope... i get treated a bit differently not because of bump but because of crutches, Its funny. work are great considering i'm a temp! they've discussed things over with me and included me in the decisions and asked what i can do and can't and also asked me if i'd like to cut hours down image so i have! i have weds free to relax and chill. its like building me up to maternity leave
    huge hugs
  • hey debz
    basicly the reason i feel i cant as work for anything anymore is because i kicked up a real fuss about being transfered because of that horror woman well i got my transfer and then this happened bloody typical init!!!
    i think im gonna write to hr beause my area manager is rubbish and i feel i cant talk to him anymore, do u think this will help or make matters worse??? im so unsure of what to do!!!
  • i get treat either of 2 ways, people either think that u have this really bad illness and cant do anything or people just dont notice at all (which is pretty difficult since im 33 weeks and the size of a small bus) and they just walk into u and bash u about. maybe u just notice that stuff more when ur all protective over ur bump, but im sure its just people being bastards!!! lol!! oh, and then theres the whole "if someone looks at u they just stare at ur bump" chestnut! feel so sorry for u vic. before i was on maternity leave, i worked in a shop and always had people asking me to get them really heavy things that i couldnt lift, and then theyd give you funny looks when u said that id have to get someone else to do it. some people just have no brain!!

    much love, gracie and girl bump xxx
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