Am I pregnant please help

Morning [smile] really need anyone’s help please, if you have been through similar please share. I’m going out of my mind, been trying for 1 year 1 month, I was on contraception about 16 years. Each month my symptoms before ov and af have got worse, but this month is so different. Before af was due I got really bad pain in boobs, bad headache, bloated gassy stomach and the rest but these are new symptoms. My af came a day early but hardly anything for about to days , it’s was pinky and bright then just brown. So I thought this is it I’m not pregnant but then those symptoms as said above have carried on as well as bad taste in my mouth, it’s now 8 days after af and I did a test yesterday and an extremely faint line showed [shock] but was hardly there I did 3 test to check and the other two were more like shadows and did one this morning which all so is like a shadow but the other tests out the same batch didn’t show a shadow [confused] could I be pregnant or are these one step tests playing games? I feel pregnant, I’ve got cramps which always normally stop after af, I’m so confused and it’s driving me mad. I know people will say just wait but I’m going out my mind [sad] any help is welcome good or bad thanks [smile]


  • Are u able to post a pic of ur tests hun? X 

  • One step tests are rubbish! Didn't show I'm pregnant for a week after my AF was due and I had strong positives on other brands (and I've used hundreds of tests within a year). Bin them and get first response test. If you're pregnant it should show it by now :) good luck xx

  • imageIt’s really faint and is’nt really showing on a picture, but can been seen when looked at closely... it even has a pink colour to it. Tested this morning tho and definitely negative , it’s really messing with my head. thanks for replying 😊

  • Thanks for the reply, yes I’m starting to think the same.... really need to stop buying them. I will go and buy some proper ones and see if it’s any different, I am 8 days after af tho so I probably aren’t. I just don’t understand this constant headache, I even feel drained today, bloated , moody, backache, stuffy nose, off food etc i would normally feel ok by now . Never mind thanks anyway 😊

  • They’re rubbish I had positive on digital but was still nearly negative on those cheap ones x

  • Thanks for replying thirdtimelucky , how long after your af were you testing? Don’t want to waste money on tests if there’s no need 😊

  • Thirdtimelucky, same for me. I had 2-3 weeks pregnant on digital before seen any line on one step test.

    Needbabydust, 8 days after af is late. Any test should give you positive by now. There are some cheap brands that are ok. I've tried Ovaview and Casanovum from Amazon, both gave me pretty decent second lines & bought few from Poundland and these were ok too (proper tests in plastic cases, not strips). Only one step tests were really bad.

  • Thank you so much mag1988 that’s a huge help! I will definitely go buy one, I’ve only been using the cheap ones.... I had my period it was different tho and short... it’s only all these symptoms that made me test then getting that really faint line messed with my head. i need to stop buying the cheapos because I want it so bad and when this happens it sends me obsessed image it’s very draining, ive had this happen before with the tests but I never had all the symptoms the stopiped once my af started. Il go and buy a proper test and cross everything hoping for a BFP lol. Thanks again image

  • I was testing what I thought was 5 days early but at my early scan I was dated a week further than I thought so I guess I wasnt testing early after all lol....let us know how you get on xx

  • Thirdtimelucky thank’s I will 😊 and congratulations, I bet it was such a nice feeling can’t wait for that day!xx

  • The cheap tests are great for when ubare obsessed with peeing on a stick lol. I only buy an expensive one if I've not come on on my due day x

  • imagePlease tell me if you can see this? Ive finally done a first response test and it was nega so thought that was it then I aren’t pregnant, I know you should throw away your test but I didn’t n when I came back to it after an hour there’s a line starting to show so I pulled it apart lol and there it is definitely a line??? Do I ignore it or could it mean I’m pregnant?? Im 10 days after my periods.... so confused now!

  • 10 days after AF... I'd say it's just an evap, sorry. First response usually give you quite strong lines, especially after such a long time. It probably has more to do with the fact you left it for so long & also you're not supposed to open these. You could've a chemical pregnancy too unfortunately and that's why you had faint positive on one of the previous tests. I'd treat your bleeding 10 days ago as AF and prepare myself for next ovulation that you'll probably have within just few days. Good luck xx

  • Ok thanks Mag1988 il do that , I didn't think they gave colour when it’s a vap line? This ones pink? So be it tho if that’s what it is, just doesn’t explain how I’m feeling image never mind just keep trying. Thanks for your help xx

  • Yes but you're supposed to discard tests after 10 minutes and not look at them an hour later... I did have one evap on these that actually was evap and it was slightly pink so I can happen. And like I said, It could've been chemical pregnancy if you had a positive before and that many symptoms. I know that it must be very upsetting for you, sorry :( Did you go to any doctors yet? 

    I also have been on contraception pill for over 10 years and I have to admit that I had very irregular periods myself for at least 6 months and also very painful ovulations (that one never changed).

  • well If you have had one before then I will definitely stop thinking I am now , it’s more upsetting not knowing so would definitely rather people be straight with me so thanks ! Doctors are rubbish round here takes ages for an appointment, I’ve got one a week on tuesday. Thanks for all your help image xx

  • Sorry to jump on.. is this a positive or evap line? Hopefully the picture has attached x

  • It wont let me load the picture x

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