16 and Pregnant. Advice?

I’m 29 weeks pregnant with my first and only 16 years old. Anyone have any advice? I’ll take anything!! Thanks!!


  • Hiya. 

    im new to all this too. What is it that you were hoping for advice and support with xx

  • Just general advice, like will it get easier or what should I expect

  • Hiya.. Have u got support?? Once pregnancy is over and baby comes you will forget about it all. Baby aren't easy but aren't as hard as your thinking either. When there new as we say they'll just want to sleep have bottle be change cuddle and repeat. As they get bigger youll have play time too. You'll have good days and bad but more good.. I promise you'll be fine..ask for help if you need it. Ask me anything..

    Bit of advice get some form of protection pill condoms etc.. I was 24 having my first he was 5 months wheni found out I was pregnant  to my second and  now I'm pregnant on my third. So il have 3 under 3 at 27 cause I was still with not taken things properly. 

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