When did your bump show

Hi ladies, i was wondering if anyone else began showing at week 9 


  • It’s bloating in early pregnancy, the womb hasntcome out of the pelvis yet. 

  • Oh i dont know what it is but somethings definetely showing 😄

  • I thought I was showing at 9 weeks also, but then I went back to a flat stomach at 12/13 weeks. You're probably just very bloated, totally normal.

  • I hope so, because my stomach feels hard and just out there

  • Yeah from about 8-18 I found it was bloating. As some days it would go down or the morning it would be less obvious then at night once you’ve eaten. 

    im now 20 weeks pregnant and my bump is definetely there and has been for a couple weeks now 

  • Awww okay mine must just be bloating then and ive gained 4 kilos in 10 weeks! :/ i know its too much but  im not eating any more than i used to or doing anything differently so i dont know how ive gained all that weight... i guess its just the way my body takes on pregnancy :)

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