Is this an evap line or positive


Is this a positive or an evap line? I cannot tell. My gf won’t take a second test. I just happened to pull it out of the trash today after she took it this morning — several hours ago. 

Yesterday she did puke 2 times but idk if that was for this or medicine. I’m just kind of at a loss. 

She had her well what we assumed her period 3 weeks ago. 

Anyway, what do you think? Evap or positive?

Thank you


  • It looks like a positive to me. What happened in the end? 

  • Hello, I am trying to get pregnant. Finally I thought that I am pregnant looking at the results below. However when I check with the medical with another urine test they said it’s negative. The tests are done  as for the midstream one 6 days before my expected period. The digital is done 5 days before my period and dip and read one is done 4 days before my period. Medical also tested me 4 days before my period with the tests that you drop the urine into the hole and they told me that I am not. Ian very confused and feel like am very upset


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