How many DPO did you get a BFP????

Hi ladies,
How early did you all get a positive test? The 2ww is so hard 😂 however I've had lots of belly cramps 4/5 DPO so hoping this could be a sign!


  • Once implantation occurs (which, according to most research findings, happens 6-12 days after ovulation), the placenta will begin to secrete hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), the so-called “pregnancy hormone”.
  • I know that  was just looking at peoples person stories :) x
  • dint get most of mine till like 16dpo x
  • 14dpo with mine, earlier tests were bfn x
  • Day 11 for me x
  • I'm on 6dpo now. I'm so impatient lol. Did any of you get pelvic cramps x
  • I had AF cramps before my period was due right until about 6 weeks x
  • So there is hope for me this week then xx
  • Can any of you lovely people help
    me out... am ready to break.
    after finding out my baby wasnt developing in march n having a d&c - i tested
    positive but so faint for positive line!! All 3 times on first response but done a clear blue digital and it said NOT PREGNANT am so broke am i pregnant u think??  
  • how long ago  did u mc happen hun xx
  • 6 weeks this sat a had my d&c. Done test week after said negative. Tested
    today as had no period
    all 3 first resp had faint positive n had a cbd not pregnant :,( 
  • cbd are not as affective as the early response test few more days the digital will come out again did read up that and up to a month, or even more, with a miscarriage that occurs later in pregnancy. After that, a pregnancy test won't be positive. so wait it out a day or too and try digital again hun x
  • and looks like tests are getting darker too xx
  • Could it be my hcg levels r still in my system with mc? Done a ptest week after me d&c said negative. My world fell apart nd for that few hrs before doin the cbd it lighted up then bang back to rock bottom - visited me gp tday she said my hcg shudda hit zero by now its when ur later on in preg and mc they can take longer to return to zero pray a get my rainbow baby ❤️
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    yeh i think u are to be honest i had mc and i got caught right after had bleed and 3 weeks later done test was pregnant again that quick faint like urs i waited 2 days and digital came up concieved 2 3 weeks xx
  • So u think am preg jus to early for cbd ? Eee a hope so ahh so happy for u rachel :) thanks for replying darling
  • that's ok babs anytime here if need me for anything inbox me of u like xx
  • deffo let me know how u get on hun xx
  • Will do promise when u think i shud try another cbd? Mon ? If a cn hold to then xx
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