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5 weeks pregnant and bleeding

Hi everyone, I am just 5 weeks, I woke up yesterday and was bleeding loads, like a period. after a few hours I started to have clots but small ones, back ache and mild stomach cramps but not exactly painful. I phoned the drs and epu yesterday they said there isn’t much they can do as it’s really early. Not sure what I’m excpexted to do now. I’m guessing it’s a miscarriage :( I am devastated as I had a miscarriage in April this year also 


  • I'm sorry you're going through this, it must very stressful and upsetting.
    Unfortunately your doctors are unable to do anything at this early stage other than see how it plays out. Fingers crossed the cause is something else, but only time will tell. If the bleeding gets a lot heavier it will probably be worth getting checked again. But so long as it's manageable you will have to just wait and see.
  • The bleeding is the same as it was yesterday, just like I’m having a period really. Just confused as so different to my last miscarriage had huge clots and they are small/tiny. I just want something to be confirmed I feel in limbo and I was only 6 more days further along than this last time x 
  • I’m in the exact same position lovely. 5w + 5d today, I’ve had bleeding admittedly not loads but enough to make me think it could be miscarriage. 
    Spoke to the doctors and they’ve just said I’ve got to ride it out and test again in 10 days 😫
    like you, I just hate being stuck in limbo, id rather just know so I could mentally prepare for it.

    Send me a private message if you need someone to talk to hun. Sending you love & hugs x x x
  • Can someone tell me how this ended for you both? I am currently going through the same situation 
  • Im 5 weeks pregnant.been bleeding for 4 days now today with clots.i visited the doctor this morning and had an ultrasound.He asked me to take complete bedrest ,drink plenty of fluids and scared.Had a miscarriage 3 months ago at 11 weeks
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