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pregnant - who is the father from these dates?

edited Sep 11, 2019 2:57PM in Pregnancy
Hi so im hoping someone can help me out. I found out i was pregnant yesterday and 2 of the clear blue tests says im 1-2 weeks pregnant. The last time i had any bleeding was the 13th of August! I have slept with my ex partner since then, and i also slept with someone on the 24th of August. Before that one time with someone else it was just my ex partner always, and since the 24th of august also its just been intercourse with my ex partner. Am I pregnant to him or the boy from 24th of august!😔😔


  • Really starting to worry. If its saying 1-2 weeks which means 3-4 weeks, that cant be the 24th of august can it? 
  • Hoping someone can give me a good bit of advise asap x
  • When was you due on? If you're an average 28 day cycle you would have ovulated around 27th August - but sperm survives for up to 5 days so you would have been in your fertile window on the 24th x
  • Hi thanks so much for getting back to me, i had my periods on the 13th of august but i cant exactly remember if i had it like 7 days or shorter! Then after i had my periods i have slept with my ex but on the 24th i slept with someone else, so do you reckon the person from the 24th?? The test says 1-2 weeks which doesnt that mean 3-4? X
  • Like if im 1-2 weeks now, which in doctors eyes will be 3-4 weeks! Wont be the boy from 24th? X
  • I literally have no idea x
  • It could be either. You would need to do a DNA test 
  • Would the dates match up to the 24th though, if im 3-4 weeks? 
  • @Princess120 I didn’t fall pregnant on my higher fertile period! Which I know it’s strange... I fell pregnant 3 days before my period started haha! Once you have your first scan at 12 weeks, and you get your more accurate date, you can track it back! But I would recommend telling both guys and having a dna test still xx
  • So if it was you in the postition do you believe that its the boys from 24th? Xx
  • I wouldn’t like to say... but it can very possibly be either. I was say it’s more likely to be the 24th but only a dna test would confirm! X
  • If it was the boy from 24th how many weeks would that make me pregnant x
  • Around 3 weeks... just wait till you get your scan and see what dates they give you, that’ll be the
    most accurate way without having the DNA xx
  • If it was the boy from 24th how many weeks would that make me pregnant x
    Hey, they measure weeks pregnant from the first day of your last period, not from when you actually conceive. So they’d go from 13th August. 
    With 24th being right in the middle of your cycle it could easily be that guy, but your ex can’t be ruled out. Unfortunately I think the only way you’ll know is with a dna test. 
    Anyway, congrats on your baby news and I hope you have a nice easy pregancu xx
  • Okay thank you, because the clear blue only said 1-2 weeks xx
  • You should never believe the dates on the digital. Mine said 2-3 and I was 5-6! X
  • edited Sep 12, 2019 11:17AM
    The clearblue tests show the actual gestational age, the NHS add the time since your last period which is usually 2 weeks for a 28 day cycle, so 1-2 on clearblue means 3-4 
  • So if im 3-4 it cant be the boy on the 24th? As that was only 19 days ago? X
  • So confused lol, only slept with the boy on the 24th which is 19 days ago! Then before that and after that was with my current partner now 
  • Although you may be 3-4 your baby is only 1-2 when you actually conceived. They always have to go from your period date. Don’t rule it out 😊
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