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Can someone please help - I don’t know if I’m pregnant

I’ve never been pregnant before and haven’t been actively trying, so wonder if someone could help or advise....
I came on my period 2nd/3rd October. On the 8th Oct I had unprotected sex which was only just after my period ended. Then on 17th Oct we had unprotected sex again. On 21st Oct, I starting having mild cramps, like a constant dull ache that felt similar to period pains, but I’m not due on my period until 30th/31st Oct. I’ve had these mild cramps since 21st, and yesterday (27th Oct) I had a tiny blob of very light pink discharge. 
I’ve done 2 hpt’s one on 21st & one this morning & both negative.
Any thoughts would be very welcome.


  • If your test was negative this morning, then you aren’t pregnant, at least not yet to show on a test. Without knowing when you ovulated, it’s impossible to know if you had sex in your fertile window. I would wait until AF is late to test again 
  • Thanks. I’ve had more spotting today too so I’m thinking maybe it is my period and it’s just come a few days early.
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