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First Pregnancy- Please help!

Hi all,

Really hoping you can all help me.

I am really trying to figure out how far along I am . I have very irregular periods - haven’t had one since beginning of August- so that doesn’t really help.

On the 24th October I did a Clear Blue test which said I was 2-3 weeks since conception.

I happen to know the dates my DH (darling husband) and I did the deed recently- only on September 25 and on October 7th.

I’m really desparate to know as most of September/ October I was away on holiday indulging A LOT and am panicking about the amount of alcohol I had (the day before the test I had over 12 drinks), as well as hiking for two weeks at 4000 metres above sea level (e.g. very high altitude!)

We are both over the moon about the baby! We were planning on trying once we got back from the holiday. I am just so anxious it is unsafe.

I have been reading all about FAS online and am now terrified! We were having 6+ drinks most days on the last week of our holiday and as I say a really big goodbye just before we left of over 12 drinks.

Please help if you can! Sorry I am so new/dumb with this stuff.


  • Hey @LouTTC first off Congratulations! How good is that feeling seeing the word Pregnant or the two lines on a test.  It brought me to tears! I am pregnant (8weeks +3 days) with my first too.  I would say that you are ok hun, for FAS, you would probably need to be drinking 12 - 15 drinks a day the whole way through your pregnancy.  That very early on, you should be ok.  If you were exercising / hiking before getting pregnant as well, that should be fine too.   My sister wasn't trying but we were away over Christmas / New Years drinking margaritas (potent ones!) every night and enjoying ourselves, then about a month later she went, "oh I'm pregnant" and my niece came out perfectly fine! Now that you now, I hope you are taking pre-natal vitamins and skipping the beverages :) Don't stress yourself out more thinking about it. x
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