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Who is my baby daddy??

Hi guys, I’m just wondering if anybody can help, I am currently 32 weeks, baby boy due 24/12/2019. The first day of my last period was on the 18th March. I had sexual intercourse on the 24th March (guy 1) and again on the 3rd&4th April (guy 2) I’m just wondering which date it was most likely I will have conceived and therefore who is my baby daddy? Guy 1 or 2? Thanks!


  • How long ur cycles used to be? With guy one it was cd7 extremely unlikely. Cd18 sounds way more likely. Did u have any other intercourse in between?
  • Thanks for your reply! No I had no other intercourse in between these dates at all. My cycles are usually around 30 days so I’m almost certain guy 2 will be the dad but just wanted opinions of others as it’s been playing on my mind!😩
  • Well only way to be sure is DNA test both guys look similar? If they do I don't think it matters. 
  • I'd bet on guy 2 regardless. But especially with a 30 day cycle I'd definitely bet on guy 2 as he was CD 16 and 17 so it's almost perfect timing really.  

    As mentioned though, you'd need a DNA test to be sure. I'd definitely recommend it for the child's benefit and also your own peace of mind.
  • Never assume. Some people ovulate days after period.  DNA test is needed on this occasion and defo for the babies and fathers sake. 
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