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Hi everyone...need some advice. I woke with a sharp pain on two occasions during the night two days ago...could this be implantation? No sooner that I felt it then it was gone again xxx


  • Hi, how far are you into your pregnancy? I had sudden sharp pains on a right side of the tummy  at around week 4, and then a few more occasions at week 5, got an appointment with the doctor but she said it is likely to be an implantation as I wasn’t bleeding or spotting or didn’t have any other symptoms. The pain went away as the pregnancy progressed, now I am into my 11th week, hope this helps! P.s. the pain was quite unpleasant and lasted for a few seconds, I would feel it the most while sat down or turning from one side to another.
  • We were DTD last week and ovulation was between Thursday and Sunday. Still get the odd twinge on my right side and that’s where the pain was twice the other night. Cannot remember that happening in first pregnancy (son is 6 yrs now). App says AF due 9th November. Xxx
  • I could also describe my pain as twinge but as I said before it started at around week 4 so around the time of my period. It’s quite hard to tell when implantation starts and stops as it all depends on your cycle and all sorts of other things, I would go to docs if pain gets too strong though, just for the reassurance that there’s no issues going on.
  • Only had those two sharp pains during the night the other night. They were extremely quick and enough to wake me up and then they went extremely quickly, back to sleep then happened again. Not had them since then.  Feeling things I don’t normally experience before my af is due. Think I’m due af 9th Nov. I range from 26-28 days for my cycle. I’ll just hold out and see what happens. Fingers crossed xxxz
  • Yeah fingers crossed, look out for your breasts, mine started hurting a couple of days earlier than usual and a lot stronger, other than that didn’t have any other symptoms, good luck xxx
  • Thank you lovely xxxx
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