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Spotting after early scan

Hi Ladies, 
I had an early scan today (internal)  just for my own peace of mind today. Everything was fine, baby had  strong heartbeat and measured as expected. 

When I have gone to toilet, as I've wiped there was a small amount of blood. I'm assuming this was from the scan, does anyone have any experience of this? 



  • Hi @Butsie185. I had an early scan at 6 weeks with a heartbeat and another today at 8 weeks, also with a heartbeat. I have had spotting and cramping when I wipe every couple of days. It stops my heart and feels like everything drops into my stomach and my world is ending. But my little bean is still going strong and apparently the bleeding/spotting is just ‘one of those things’. 

    I read a statistic from the miscarriage association that said if there’s a heartbeat at 6 weeks then you have a 78% chance of a healthy and successful pregnancy. This increases to 98% at 8 weeks if a heartbeat is detected. This brought me so much peace of mind as I needed to see/read this to try and relax my brain. 

    Good luck and hope everything works out for you and your little bean xx
  • Thank you @Kellly85 for taking the time to reply.
    I didn't have spotting in my last pregnancy and I'm a lot more anxious this time around which is why we went for an early scan. 

    Wishing you the best of luck too x
  • Hi I too had an early scan at 6 and 8 wks and had spotting afterwards also I was quite constipated and spotted if I did poo sorry tmi this all stopped around 10 wks
  • Hey ladies.. I had early scans at 6 and 8 weeks althou none of them were internal I still had blood when I wiped.. in fact I bled from 6 weeks to 13 weeks on and off, it was ‘normal’ as there was just blood that needed to come out, I now have 5 weeks left before I meet my little girl.. I wish you all the best and a happy n healthy 9 months! ❤️ 
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