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5 weeks with cramps and spotting

I am 5 weeks pregnant, only getting a positive test last Saturday. Yesterday I had dull cramps and some spotting of brown discharge, just a small amount. Today the cramps have gone but now I have spotting of dark blood, not much on a liner but I can see when I wipe. Has anyone any advice? Am I miscarrying? 


  • My daughter had the same symptoms at 5 weeks and 1 day, she went ti the hospital where they took her HCG levels and booked her into the EPU for an ultrasound the day after.  On the scan they saw a gestational sac and a yolk sac.  Rebooked another scan a week later and she saw the fetal pole and heartbeat.  Defo get in touch with the EPU X
  • Thank you for replying. Unfortunately my symptoms progressed and I have had a miscarriage. 
  • so sorry to hear of your loss.  xx
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