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pregnant and face masks?

hey ladies....i just wanted to know if you all wear a face mask being pregnant and all??? I live in the US and i work at a store that has a drive thru so most of my shift im outside and its really hot and hard to breathe with the mask im wondering if all of u wear masks.....???? i know in the UK u guys are high risk


  • I'm not pregnant at the moment but I think it's going to be completely up to you as to how comfortable / uncomfortable you feel wearing one. Sometimes they just take a bit of getting used to and they definitely shouldn't cause any harm to you or your baby. 

    But likewise there isn't really any evidence yet that Covid-19 is anymore dangerous to pregnant people or babies than to anyone else. The medical professionals are just being cautious as it's impossible to be sure until we're much further down the line. Obviously if you're further on in your pregnancy it might be riskier because your lung capacity will already be compromised and your body is already under extra strain as well as being immuno suppressed from the pregnancy.

    If I was pregnant I think I'd judge it on a case by case basis. If there were a lot of cases in my area and I was having lots of close contact with other people then I might consider wearing a mask. However unless you have a viral grade mask then the mask is more to protect other people than it is to protect you. Hand washing and trying to avoid direct contact with people is likely to be better to avoid catching it (or anything else for that matter).

  • I am working from home but had an appointment at hospital yestetoday. Everyone in the UK should wear a mask in a hospital, it was made very clear on the news. However there was still someone sat in the waiting room without one on, even though they had to walk past a box of masks. So frustrating. 
    I'm in the third trimester so would not go anywhere without a mask now. Yes it is very hot at the minute but I would rather but uncomfortably hot than risk anything happening to my baby.
  • Sorry yes, just to add that my response above is based on masks being optional. There are a number of places in the UK where you're currently required to wear a mask. In those situations I'd definitely be wearing one. 

  • @SmithL35 they are required in hospitals in the US too....they will kick u out if u take it off and they give one to u the minute u walk in the entry.......i was talking to my sister who works in the medical field n some days i work 11 hours n she says that i should just wash my hands n not touch my face......theres only 800ish cases active in ohio right now which is less than 10% of the population......

    @Curiosity101 well yea i understand in places u have to wear one but what about cases where u r not required? 
  • It was stated on the BBC news that everyone in a hospital in the UK should wear one, which just makes it a bit of a joke when the staff let patients sit there without one on :/ 
  • @SmithL35 at my last scan a few weeks ago it was not compulsory for me to wear a mask. It was optional. I would have done if the mask fitting station was obvious on my way in. I wasn't told to wear one for my appointment either, there is a lot of varying advice deoending on where you live and your local hospital.

    I will however be wearing them for future visits. 
  • I find that really odd because Boris said that was compulsory for anyone in a hospital. No wonder people are getting confused by all of the changing of rules :/
  • I'm in Ireland and we're required to fit the masks at the entrance while being watched by a doctor to make sure they're fitted right. However at my last appointment (first midwife appointment, I'm 15+2) there were pregnant women sitting in the waiting room without masks. @Catlady220 I understand you completely on how uncomfortable they are, so my advice would be to wear it for as long as you can stand it and take breaks from it with extra hand washing during that time.
  • SmithL35 said:
    I find that really odd because Boris said that was compulsory for anyone in a hospital. No wonder people are getting confused by all of the changing of rules :/
    Well my scan was around 3 weeks ago and like I said, I was never told to wear one for the appointment. Nothing was mentioned to me during my scan or when having bloods taken, my partner wasn't allowed to be there obviously but that's it. I presume now it will be compulsory though. Govornment as per usual constantly changing goal posts. 
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