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ectopic worries

somehow I've started to get worried about ectopic pregnancy, iv had a few twinges aches on low right side ,along with wind ,bloating ,constipation and extremely sore breasts im getting a bit i being a hypochondriac!?!? 


  • Those are all Symptoms of pregnancy 🙂 how many weeks are you? Twinges could be the baby implanting deeper if you’re in the early weeks
  • @Rachel.a21 I'm just over 6 weeks ,im anxious anyway but have noticed like a dull ache 
  • these are normal.....ectopic you would b in sooooooooo much pain.....ive heard implantation can be felt in the ovaries.....i still get twings and cramps on my lower left but baby was in the right spot at my dating scan......the aches and twings will be gone in the next couple weeks love <3 you're doing great and its normal to worry......hang in there mama
  • Ectopic would be severe pain. It seems like you’re just feeling normal symptoms for pregnancy. I understand it’s hard to not worry until the first scan 
  • @Catlady220 I'm sure I've had twinges etc in past pregnancies that I've forgotten, but this is like a ache on one side that just got me worrying . @Rachel.a21 once you go through certain things you are just never the same again,  miscarriages, missed miscarriages  it just changes your thoughts worries etc and your never the same pre that . Thanks for your reassurances xx
  • @90schick I can’t even imagine 😔 I have been lucky to not have a miscarriage, but I was very worried with my most recent pregnancy. I was never worried with my son 8 years ago, but with my daughter, I was so worried until I had my scans. I hope that these next 8 months are healthy and happy for you and baby 💜
  • Thanks @Rachel.a21  I had 3 children before I had any worries about loss etc ,thanks for the best wishes xx
  • I've had loads! Pain in my right side, shooting pains in my legs shoulder and arm. I called uk nhs direct and they said it was sciatic nerve pain. I still thought it couldn't be, thought maybe I had a cyst on my ovary, thought I was pregnant and was having a blighted ovum (do NOT look it up if you are suffering with anxiety), or ectopic. Got my early scan ABSOLUTELY fine. I did have a cyst... But on the other ovary!

    It's perfectly normal for you to feel worried but don't search for symptoms because you will find them. If you get some pain in your side it can be a number of things unrelated.

    If you start getting agonising pain, or bleeding then it's time to go to the doctor. 
  • Thanks @Coconutfoxx I also was told I had a few tiny cysts maybe thats what the ache has been really dont know. The Internet can certainly make your anxiety reach new heights x
  • Is this discussion still open? 

    I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy last year in September and nearly died. 

    We put off TTC so I could recover properly. 

    This weekend on 2/10/2020 we had a "slip". 
    Our basic method of contraception is pull out method and its always worked for us. My hubby and I got caught off guard with nowhere to pull out to🤣 the last time we didn't pull put, I got pregnant immediately but it went so badly that I'm freaking out. 

    Is it possible to be feeling pulling and cramps and pressure just 6 days after insemination?

    Im worried that these feelings are not normal because of the ectopic. 

    Its too early to test but I'm really exhausted and had some weird pulling and twisting feelings in my lower abdomen. 

    Hubby asked me today if I might be preg as my boobs feel fuller. 

    Anyone else on here have a baby after tubal ligation because of ruptured ectopic? 

    I don't have kids so I have no idea what is normal in pregnancy 
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