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Hook pregnancy

CrystalLeUpBtxQCrystalLeUpBtxQ Regular
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Has anybody ever known anyone, to experience a hook pregnancy with twins ?


  • It can happen because of the amount of hcg. Have you got a specific issue with this? 
  • Yes! Im currently going through the phase where my blood and urine tests are resulting back to negative! I'm going crazy because I know I'm pregnant lol 
  • Have you tried diluting your urine and retesting? I think I've seen them online before where people have diluted 1:10 or 1:100 with water and that's produced a clear positive.

    When was your last period / how far along do you estimate you are? What symptoms have you had so far?
  • If bloods are coming back negative then that's consistant with not being pregnant - you don't get a hook effect with blood I'm afraid. Did you get a previous positive? 
  • From what I've read the blood test for pregnancy is still open to the hook effect. There's also a very very rare case where people create a slightly different version of HCG which doesn't bind to the pregnancy test.

    Neither scenario is likely, but can't fully be ruled out.
  • From what I've read the blood test for pregnancy is still open to the hook effect. There's also a very very rare case where people create a slightly different version of HCG which doesn't bind to the pregnancy test.

    Neither scenario is likely, but can't fully be ruled out.
    I thought for blood they checked how much hcg there is in the blood... So a measurable quantity. I could be wrong, but if that is what has been done surely they'd detect a measurable amount of hcg if pregnant? 
  • @Coconutfoxx I thought exactly the same as you until I started researching the hook effect. I saw someone post about it and it got me curious. There's definitely a variant of HCG that some people produce that doesn't bind to HCG tests which accounts for some false negatives.

    I'm less sure about the false negative blood tests for high HCG though. But I have seen lots of forum posts where people said they'd had negative urine and blood tests only to go on and have the pregnancy diagnosed via ultrasound. And it is plausible that if your HCG was massively outside of the range they'd been testing for then depending on how they're testing for it potentially it could be overwhelmed and end up as a false reading.

    I think we're definitely talking about very rare cases, but it's not impossible 🤷.
  • I conceived on the 18th of June didnt get a period all month may, and a week into July i had a two day period but was strange because it was lighter than my usual. I thought I miscarried. But as time went on I was very emotional, breast are swollen and darker and have had times where in the shower my breasts would hurt id massage them and have had colustrum coming out and I haven't breast fed in two years and a  half. I'm suffering symptoms as in nausea (not a nausea person ever) bad back cramps, very tired and have a bump forming !
  • If you don't mind me asking, when was the date that your last proper period started? How long is a normal cycle for you and do you normally have regular cycles? 

    How are you confirming your conception date as the 18th of June? 

    I'm just trying to piece together the dates in my head to see if there's anything that seems unusual or that could explain it.

    The only way to be sure is to get an ultrasound, you would be almost 6 weeks pregnant if you conceived on the 18th of June. From memory that could be too early to see a baby in a gestational sac but if you wait another week you should be able to get a pregnancy confirmed one way or another. What has your doctor said?
  • I'm around eight weeks if I am! I too have been studying about the hook pregnancy. It's been driving me mad because I know I'm pregnant. Only reason to why I think it's twins because of how big I'm getting and how intense my sypmtoms are and how early they started (I'm bomb with handling pain)  I considered an ectopic but I haven't been in any sore pain thatll make me think somethings wrong with my body. 
  • Sorry yes, I always forget to add 2 weeks on from ovulation/conception date. 8 weeks, not 6. So you could go for an ultrasound now and it should be easy to see for sure if you're pregnant or not. 
  • Sorry got things mixed up. So my last proper period was may 23  and I didn't get my next period until July where I bled for two days so it was in June where I had no period all month. Because we have moved, we are still getting up and running to settling in our new town so haven't gotten enrolled with a gp|doctors. So will be doing that as soon as possible. My periods Is usually bang on as well! And I only say  that I convinced then as my partner (sorry for the open statement lol) ejaculated in me that night  and everything changed with my body since. I haven't been on birth control in like 4 years too. 
  • Will you let us know how you get on please
  • CoconutfoxxCoconutfoxx Regular
    edited Aug 2, 2020 6:41PM
    Also do you have history of twins in the family? Where did you have the blood test? 
  • I remember my Mum saying that it was either her great grandma or grandma that was a triplet I don't really know much of my family history as I didn't get brought up with my mum and did not know my biological father. My partner's dad is a twin. I got my blood test done at the doctors. Will definitely let yous know and will keep yous updated for sure :)
  • What did the doctor say about the blood tests? Did he mention the hook effect at all? 
  • Hi guys thought I'd update and say I took a urine test again this arvo and they came up with a strong positive will update after the scan with what I'm having  :)  when I spoke to the nurse on the phone couple weeks ago for blood tests result I had asked about it possibly being a hook pregnancy, as I knew I had to be pregnant and far enough for it to be picked up and they kinda kept dis missing it. I also read that not much doctors have heard of the hook pregnancy  as it's rare thing 
  • Also found it twins are high in my line also !
  • Congratulations 😄

    When are you being scanned?
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