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Very faint line!

Can anyone help me out this with this i swear I can see a very faint line or am I going crazy?? I didn’t check it untill like 20 minutes later as I thought I didn’t pee on it enough (thought I had to go but didn’t) 😂 Could it be positive or a evaporation line....
ive had headaches, weird dreams and cramps! 2 days late.


  • Honestly it’s pretty hard to see in the pic but I can see it more clearly in person 
  • I personally can't see the line but I know how hard they are to capture on camera. However 20 minutes could mean an evap line. I'd suggest testing again tomorrow with fmu. Maybe you can pee in a cup this way you can dip the test as long as you like :) 

    Good luck! 
  • I think I can see a hint of the line x check tomorrow or in two days x
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