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Riding bike early pregnancy ... opinions please?

Beni96Beni96 Regular
edited Sep 9, 2020 2:56PM in Pregnancy
Hi all ladies xx
im currently 5 weeks pregnant ... I’m just a bit worried because I’m riding bike to school and from school everyday twice a day. Dropping of my 6 year old to school on the back seat and then picking her up .... do you think it’s dangerous if I’m pregnant ? Obviously later in pregnancy I won’t ride the bike I’ll just take the bus , but while the weather is still nice and warm I didn’t wanna take buses as it’s more of a fuss . Any opinions on this ?? Can this be dangerous ? Thanks 


  • I would have thought you are ok. I carried on doing spin classes (all guidance suggested this was fine as I was already doing it before!). I only gave up when sickness kicked in because spin and nausea don't really go well together. But I plan on getting back to it until my bump gets in the way x
  • Oh great ! Thank you for your reply xxx 
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