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Fine is fainted on pregnancy on pregnancy test is it positive or negative.

Hi.. so i came here seeking for help ... i last day was 28 aug so i was suppose to get my periods before 28 sep but its 3 oct and i took this test this morning... idk if its positive or negative... will you please help me... and if it is positive what kinda of contraceptive should i use to drop it


  • Why do you need a contraceptive when that test is positive ? Meaning you’re pregnant?? 
  • I am sorry i meant abortion pill
  • Is it positive..?
  • So you’re saying this pregnancy is unwanted and you want to have an abortion? 
  • I dont know if it is positive or negative 
    I wanted your help to figure  that out from the picture 
  • I can see a little something..its hard to tell if it is a second line though from the picture. If you are and you want an abortion then you will have to get in touch with your local abortion clinic your gp will be able to give you a number of thats what you want to do. They will then give you what you need to take at the clinic...along with all the necessary advice. Hope this helped. X
  • Thank you 
  • Girls out there struggling to even have kids then people wanna have abortions 😩😩 even though it might be for valid reason (and this is just my opinion) but aww 😪 I can’t imagine life without my daughter now 
  • No problem. Xx
  • Omg why would you post something like this on here ..... some women trying to get pregnant seeking advice on here . 
  • Post withdrawn
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