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What week have people seen heartbeat??

Hi girls,

just wondering if anyone’s been for early scans and not had a heartbeat but then had one a little later on? 

I went for one around 6 weeks and again at 6.5 and both no heartbeat yet. Is this too early? Xxx


  • Hi Emma, did you happen to find out any information on this? I'm coming up to 5 weeks and wondering when or if I should get a scan before 8 weeks. There is a lot of conflicting info online about it xx
  • Hiya. Not found out yet, my scan is tomorrow to check. 

    I’d defo wait until at least 9 weeks just in case you’re earlier than you think. It isn’t reassuring when they can’t find a heartbeat. I went at 9 and didn’t see one as they said I was measuring around 6. 

    I’d personally wait as long as you can xxx
  • Fingers crossed for you tomorrow, I hope everything goes well xxxx
  • Thank you. I’ve started spotting today so I don’t think it’s good news xxx
  • Hi , possibly people sometimes get their dates wrong , ive been at 7 plus weeks and there was no heartbeat this was unfortunately a miscarriage thats happened at 5 plus weeks . This pregnancy i went bang on 6 weeks and there was a heartbeat ,I wish you luck xx
  • i didnt get my first scan til 8+2 but google says 6.5-7 weeks so theres still some hope < the US they wont let u hear it til 9 weeks though
  • I had some bleeding and doctor couldn’t see anything. I am about 6 weeks Did your doctor found anything?
  • I had a delayed mc. Started bleeding yesterday and mc later on that day. I was 11 weeks but measuring at 6 which is where my issue was. 6 weeks can be to early to see a hb xxx
  • I'm so so sorry lovely. Be kind to yourself and we're always here if you need to talk xx
  • im sooooo sorry love

  • Thanks ladies ❤️
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